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Massage Stix ~ hot spot
Massage Stix ~ hot spot

Massage Stix ~ hot spot

$ 29.99


3 X the size of a normal tube of chapstick! Hot Spot Massage Stix is a potent medicinal icy hot deep muscle pain relief stix. I was very generous with the magical ingredients of this recipe including but not limited to: organic menthol crystals, peppermint oil, blue chamomile flower oil, ylang ylang oil, camphor bark oil, blue tansy flower oil, wintergreen leaf oil, helichrysum flower oil & osmanthus flower extract. (100mg)

To use, simply draw on and massage into sore muscles. Experience deep muscle pain relief accompanied by an icy hot sensation within 15 minutes. For optimal results, get into a hot bath or apply heat after application of massage stix. Follow up with a bath bomb & body/massage oil. Keep away from eyes. Great for travel. 

Email me for the full list of ingredients. 

1 stix = .5oz (14grams) 


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