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Life Saving Natural Remedies for Covid-19

by Levin Rutherford |

I want to share with you a few at home natural remedies that literally saved my life when I got Covid back in May of this year. First off I want to say that this virus is no joke! I kicked it in 10 days but for the 3 weeks that followed I was coughing, exhausted and could barely talk. I'm grateful for the tools I had to combat this virus and come out stronger on the other side of it. 

The first day I woke up with a scratchy sore throat and a fever feeling utterly exhausted. I needed 2 long naps a day which my cat was very happy about. By the second night, my throat was so inflamed that it felt like I couldn't get oxygen through to my lungs. My throat was swelling shut! I started to panic around midnight and my husband slathered my neck in my serpentspiral Hot Spot CBD Stix. Then he wrapped it in a soft t-shirt and pinned it closed. I laid back down and within 15 minutes I could breath more easily. The fear lessened and I was able to fall asleep. I awoke the next morning in a pool of sweat. My fever had broke. 

I had one more night like that and I made it through with the help of the icy hot CBD stix. It saved me! I kept using it every day and night to help the swelling in my throat and every night I broke a fever in that area. It was drawing out the virus. I lost my voice completely. By the third morning the virus had really dug it's way into my lungs. They were tight and full of gunk. The only way I could get it out was to get into a hot steamy shower with a spray bottle of water and doTerra Eucalyptus Oil. I also huffed this and doTerra Peppermint Oil repeatedly throughout the day in a pot of steam over the stove. This helped me to get the gunk out of my lungs and breath deeply again. It also made the house smell nice!

At this point I could see why people would panic and go to the ER! Between the lung thing and the throat thing, this was intense! I also had this dry cough that wouldn't quit. It kept me up at night. I couldn't sleep without drinking water every few minutes. My throat was like the desert. For this my husband introduced me to Manuka Honey Throat Lozenges. They were the only thing that would sooth my throat and relieve the dry cough. Other kinds of lozenges simply didn't work. I would take a hot bath with a serpentspiral CBD Bath Bomb and go to sleep every night with a lozenge in my mouth to get real rest.

I also dosed myself heavily throughout this experience with Vitamin CVitamin D3, B-12ZincQuercetinhomemade elderberry syrup and chicken soup. I was resting a ton, I had no choice because of the exhaustion and I had my supportive loving husband there to help me through it. Our bodies are up against so much these days and need all the support they can get. I hope my story and at home natural remedies can help you or your beloved ones to prepare their medicine cabinets for Covid-19 if it ever comes knocking at your door. I believe in the power of herbal remedies and healthy immune systems. Be well and stay strong! XOXO~ Levin