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How I Healed My Extreme Dry Eye

by Levin Rutherford |

It's rare that you hear about someone actually healing their extreme dry eye syndrome. That's because most doctors don't know the root causes of dry eye. Throughout my 7 year journey to find a solution, I was only ever offered treatment for my symptoms, most of which did not work. I tried it all. Lipiflow, IPL, expensive ointments and eye...

My Journey With Extreme Dry Eye

by Levin Rutherford |

I waited years to write this blog because I wanted to have a hopeful solution to dry eye syndrome which so many people struggle with. And I've finally found one. I'd worn glasses my whole life. At 38, I decided to get Lasik eye surgery. My doctor recommended PRK, a more sustainable approach to Lasik. It's where they melt off...

My Journey With Postpartum

by Levin Rutherford |

I'm not every woman who's ever had a baby. Some women recover rapidly and within a few weeks they are back to their pre-baby mama selves. I chose to have a child later in life so it's taken me 3.5 years to fully recover...and the journey is ongoing. There are a few things that women are not told about postpartum...

Life Saving Natural Remedies for Covid-19

by Levin Rutherford |

I want to share with you a few at home natural remedies that literally saved my life when I got Covid back in May of this year. First off I want to say that this virus is no joke! I kicked it in 10 days but for the 3 weeks that followed I was coughing, exhausted and could...


by Levin Rutherford |

Words cannot describe how powerful this initiation into motherhood has been. I feel raw and completely blown open in the most full spectrum primordial way. I want you all to know that I truly felt and needed your prayers and support to do this. Thank you so much for beaming love our way! There were moments when I...

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