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The Serpent and The Goddess

by Levin Rutherford |

As a woman I’ve always felt a deep connection with the serpent. I knew I could learn a lot from a snake just from observing it’s tactile nature, the sensual way it moves, how it sheds it’s skin, it’s ability to navigate any terrain. One night in a dream, a teacher came to me and told me very clearly  "The serpent of the Pacific Northwest wants to work with you. You will need to change your name. Invoke your serpentine nature…that primal, seductive, powerful wild woman within. Let her seduce you and take you in."

At the time I was a hair transformer in Portland, Oregon working under the business name of Levin's Alchemy Chamber. When I adopted the name serpentspiral for my business in 2009, I knew I was invoking the spirit of the serpent. I didn’t know the serpent would take me on a journey out of the green lush rainforest environment into the high dry red rock desert terrain of Sedona, Arizona.  

After playing around with making my own hair oils and cacao butter hair masks, Massage Truffles were born. Nourishing edible body butters that melted at body temperature. They were very sensual and people loved them. They made you feel like a birthday cake! I wanted to inspire intimate healing touch and massage in relationships. This was very important to me. But it wasn't long that I realized I couldn't sustain myself with these gourmet massage hearts alone. I needed to expand my sensual line into something more. 

It was in Sedona that I was seduced by another exotic animal…Lulu's Chocolate. This was not just any old chocolate. It was made from raw heirloom Ecuadorian cacao. As production manager for Lulu, I was given the opportunity to work with and discover the magic of pure unadulterated cacao for 4 years! During that time I learned that cacao has many healing properties for the skin. It is said that the skin absorbs 60% of products used topically. So why not make skincare edible? I decided to combine the two, chocolate and skincare, and journey beyond the original inception of Massage Truffles. 

It’s difficult to remain supple in the dry desert landscape where everything wants to suck the moisture right out of you. Not just any old lip balm would do. So I created Truffle Stix... a lip balm, body balm and sunscreen all in one made from rich long lasting organic edible butters. The serpent soon began to teach me to feel with my entire body, to connect with earth energies, to walk barefoot upon the earth, to bask in the glorious rays of the sun, to honor my seductive nature, and most importantly to take care of my body and lavish my skin with rich butters and fine oils. It was then that Truffle Mousse was born made from pure organic whipped aloe vera butter. 

The intention behind this sensual skincare line is to promote healing through self love routines and sensuality. In other words, these products are intended to feed your skin, feed your senses and awaken your sensual nature. Most of us don't have a whole lot of extra time to nurture ourselves in extravagant ways. Feeding your skin in a daily self love routine with rich intoxicating butters is a simple and effective way to give back to your body and feed your inner Goddess.