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Organic Can Be Glamorous

by Levin Rutherford |

I'm Levin, creatrix and founder of serpentspiral. I've chosen to single handedly build a business from the ground up....organically. I.E. without investors. Over the past 6 years I have and continue to be my own product developer, graphic designer, web developer, product maker, product shipper, social networker, advertiser, & supply manager. Yes, I do it all.....and then some. It's more than a labor of love, it's a labor of undying passion!

Most days start at 7am and end at 7pm...which is crazy I know. But some weeks it's the only way to tackle the ever growing task list. Why do I do it? Because I feel that if I don't make these gifts tangible, I may just explode! Beauty is my mission. I love to create beauty, something beautiful, to make someone feel beautiful and help them express it somehow by bringing it to the surface to be radiate. And to inspire, through this beauty, a feeling of sensuality, confidence and a positive self image. 

As a teenager, I started out wearing some of the most toxic skin damaging makeup product lines out there. Loreal lipstick, Maybelline mascara and CoverGirl foundation to name a few. It wasn't long before I began to notice some not so positive changes in my skin. By age 25, I wished someone had told me to never start wearing makeup. So I stopped. Not completely. The addiction was real. I wanted to cover up all the damage the makeup had done. But I stopped wearing everything except mascara and lipstick. 

Eventually my skin started to clear up, my pores shrinking and smoothing out again. But it never went back to the flawless skin I had before makeup. Now I stand on the sidelines, knowing what I know and watching innocent teenage girls slather their faces in toxic but trendy glam brand makeup and I want to tell them "Stop! It's not worth it!"

I feel a duty to inspire all the countless teenage girls who are falling prey to these corporate ads every day. I want to give them an alternative to mainstream makeup and skincare. I want to show them that organic can be not only beautiful but glamorous!